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Saturday, 20 February 2010


The PSOE Councilor Rosa Martínez in a press conference this morning presented a motion that she will present in the monthly plenary of the Ayuntamiento next Tuesday (23rd February) in which she will propose the creation of medical consulting rooms in various areas of Orihuela Costa, like those established in the majority of pedanías (districts) in the municipality. In the coastal area of Orihuela there is just one Centro de Salud, with more than twenty thousand people with SIP cards. Some of the populated areas have more than three thousand inhabitants, and it can be more than ten kilometres to the saturated health centre of Orihuela Costa.

Rosa Martínez, PSOE Councilor, will propose at the plenary session of the Ayuntamiento of Orihuela, that medical consulting rooms are created in some parts of the coastal area. Martínez specified that the Orihuela Costa Health Centre has more than twenty thousand permanent clients on it’s books, and many more because of the floating population, and this increases further in holiday periods.

At the same time, the socialist councillor stated that there are population centres more than ten kilometres from the saturated Orihuela Costa Health Center.

Also a great number of users are of advanced age. The PSOE representative reported that in many of the pedanías there are medical centres for fewer inhabitants and also with less of a distance to the city’s medical centers than from the coastal urbanisations to the health centre on the coast.

An example was presented by councilor Martínez, a consulting room such as that of la Murada, a population centre with three thousand inhabitants and ten kilometers from the city, there they have a consulting room, whereas in urbanisation ‘Las Piscinas’, with the same population and more kilometres there is no consulting room, and bearing in mind that at certain points of the year the population is doubled.

An area meriting special attention, according to Rosa Martínez, is the Urbanización ‘Entre Naranjos’, this depends on the consulting room in Torremendo, and with more than a thousand inhabitants, the coucillor proposes the creation of a consulting room for this urbanisationion , situated on the road to Los Montesinos .

The PSOE councilor concluded her presentation by noting, that it takes hardly two months from authorisation in the council plenary to the construction of more than two thousand houses in the coastal zone:

“That is a town,”she said“, and if they are courageous enough to permit the construction of houses, they must also do something about providing services to those who live there”.

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