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Monday, 30 August 2010

Possessions are more important than Family ?

I'm not sure whether it is symptomatic of the majority of DINKY couples or if it is an individual trait of some, but it seems extremely sad to me when those couples who choose to include themselves in this category believe and act as if 'Possessions are more important than Family'.

By 'Family' I refer to relatives that the couple already have, rather than the decision to remain as a child free couple.

It is sad when their love of inanimate things takes precedence over any feelings they may have, or considerations they may give, towards other people.

Their solitary lifestyle based around the show house they call home, filled with the latest must have consumer goods, with the perfectly manicured garden, not for sitting in, and with the status and image symbol car parked outside, may seem fulfilling to them in the present time but will it stand the test of durability. I doubt it. When they realize this it will probably be too late.

A possible consequence that the DINKYs might not have considered is that their parents may decide to adopt a lifestyle for themselves and become SKI-ERS (not the type with two planks of wood stuck to their feet). Who could blame them? There is no obligation for parents to leave an inheritance to children.

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