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Friday, 10 September 2010

Restaurant Owner who banned screaming children says business is booming

The Mail Online reports that a North Carolina restaurant has put a ban on unruly children, with a sign on the front door saying screaming children will not be tolerated. Brenda Armes, the owner of the Olde Salty's restaurant in Carolina Beach, said she got sick of customers complaining about parents who couldn't control their children during meals. She said many parents allowed their children to treat the restaurant like their personal playground, misbehaving and 'squawking'.

I say well done to Brenda, we (Mrs S & I) hate it when we are in a restaurant and are subjected the nuisance of screaming children when we are trying to eat a meal we are paying for. We go to eat in peace not to be in a noisy kindergarten. What even more aggrevates the situation is that the parents of the monsters ignore the bad behaviour.

I hope that restaurant owners in the UK and Spain follow Brenda's example.

Read the full article in Mail Online: Restaurant that has banned screaming children says business is better than ever

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