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Friday, 25 February 2011

A Coal Scuttle, a Leek and a Goldfish.

I decided to join the 'Creative Writing' group of our local U3A in Torrevieja to try to improve the content of my ramblings on this blog.

It was suggested that members of the group could attempt to write a (very) short story of 100 words, which must include a coal scuttle, a leek and a goldfish, for reading and discussion at the next meeting.

I wonder what they'll think of this.

As a lad I grew a gigantic leek for the village garden show competition.

I nurtured it from seed to maturity. When large enough I transplanted it to an old coal scuttle. It protected it from crawling garden enemies like a battlement protecting the keep. I gave devoted attention to growing an unbeatable champion.

I wanted the winner and the magnificent trophy I dreamed I would receive.

Judging day arrived; the tension and excitement grew; “and the winner is”; I'd won!

I swaggered forward, hands outstretched ready, to collect my well deserved prize.

Image: luigi diamanti /

A goldfish in a glass bowl !

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