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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Protect yourself from fake gas inspectors and fraudulent reviews

Very often us home owners in Spain, who use bottled gas, are being warned to be careful of the con-men acting as fake gas inspectors trying to fleece unsuspecting owners into paying for fake inspections and certificates.

It was very pleasing when receiving a delivery of gas today to see that gas company through it's local supplier has put warning notices on each cylinder.

The message reads:

"Protect yourself from fake inspectors and fraudulent reviews. Before letting a stranger into your home: Call 965710937 (obviously this is my local supplier not national) and stay calm."

Well done to Repsol and Torregrosa. 

1 comment:

  1. If it happens to any of the folks ....and you get one of those socalled "inspectors" at your gate,,,just tell them that all of your appliances are working on electricity, and that immediately shuts their mouth's, as there is no reason to enter the property.!!!
    Try it, it always works, its happened to me already 3 times quite succesfully!!


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