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Friday, 5 October 2012

Mr. Stupid dumps his palm leaves.

The stupidity of some of the home owners living close to our house never ceases to amaze me.

This morning the council refuse collectors emptied the metal container (in the picture) for garden rubbish. They had considerable trouble getting the skip to their lorry, for attachment to the lifting and emptying hydraulics, because rubbish had been piled all around and on top of the bin. The space where the container was removed from amongst the rubbish can be seen.

After it had been emptied, the refuse disposal operatives; so much easier when they were called dustmen; decided to place the bin to the left of the remaining large pile of rubbish, rather than struggle to return it to where it came from. A logical conclusion it would seem.

Then this afternoon Mr. Home-owner came along dragging some palm leaves for disposal.

His logical action would have been to either put the prunings into the empty garden rubbish container or, as a less favourable option, to have put them onto the already present, large, easily seen, pile of uncollected garden refuse to the right of it.

That's too difficult a decision for Mr Moron. To save him walking any further than he already had; to save him exerting any more effort; Mr. Stupid dumped his palm leaves to the left of the skip.

Perhaps he wasn't so unthinking: perhaps he wanted to make his own statement of individuality!


  1. Instead of bombarding the council with requests to come and clear the rubbish how about suggesting that they, the council, create rubbish dumps where such rubbish can be taken. Yes it will create an outcry by everyone but if they pass a law outlawing the dumping of rubbish in the street, and enforce it with fines, then we shall have a system that works incredibly well in UK. We don't dump garden waste in the streets of England. Why should we do it here. We either pay someone (council) to collect it for us or take it to the local dump ourselves. Why should it be different here - how much council tax do you pay here, and how much in UK.

    1. I have copied your comment onto my article 'Orihuela Town Council has almost cleared all the rubbish' as it seemed more relevant there. Let me know if you are unhappy with this.


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