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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Orihuela Town Council's 'Streetfill' Site Policy - Letter to the Mayoress

Open letter to:

Sra. Mónica Lorente,
La Alcaldesa de Orihuela

Dear Mónica,

Ref: Town Council 'Streetfill' Site Policy

First of all let me say that I hope you do not mind me; a mere tax paying, revenue generating, United Kingdom expatriate resident of Orihuela Costa; addressing you; a Goddess amongst your fellow PP councillors and supporters; in such an informal way.

I write to congratulate you on your Council's continual and increasing use of your cost saving 'Streetfill' policy for rubbish produced by both households and businesses in the Orihuela Costa part of the municipality. It is imperative in these difficult economic times that on behalf of the tax payers of the municipality that you do not squander the funds received. I, and the majority of residents I'm sure, appreciate that the cost of the collection of rubbish and its transport to registered, and more probably illegal, landfill sites is expensive for the Council. In addition there are the uncontrolled payments to the contractor, deemed to be the best responsible company, for providing the supposedly first class cleaning service to the municipality.

Certainly within Orihuela Costa we (the inhabitants) have experienced over a considerable time the excellent policy, of your Council, of allowing rubbish tippers to use undeveloped land within the area as landfill sites. All the residents appreciate that this is a cost saving policy for the Council as it saves the need to provide costly household and building rubbish handling facilities. Well done for your foresight on this.

I appreciate that as the major parts of the under-developed areas of land within the coastal area become full of rubbish, alternative capacity is needed. I understand therefore the need for the Council to leave more rubbish in the streets and roads amongst our homes, to adopt an even more positive policy of 'Streetfill' rubbish management. Not only is it a cost saving exercise but it uses what would otherwise be under-utilisation of public space resources. It is clever of you to realise that there would be less need for refuse collection lorries, less labour needed to man these vehicles, possibility of redundancies, no need to build recycling facilities as the rubbish can decompose in the streets, no need to fund more landfill sites.

It is important that you see evidence of the successful operation of your 'Streetfill' site policy so I invite you view the attached video of just one of the multitude of locations being used to reach your objective. This is at the junction of Calles Ontario and Baikal. There are two more similar sites within 100 metres. Perhaps you might consider using one of these three as a site for a press conference to announce the success of your 'Streetfill' rubbish management policy.

Your enlightened resident and voter.

P.S. The cleaning contract staff have obviously been made aware of 'Streetfill' as when they pass a rubbish pile they stop to admire it and then drive on.

P.P.S. Knowing of your Council's attitude towards protection of the environment, in particular the flora and fauna, I will assume the responsibility of letting you know when the indigenous rats and snakes make the rubbish piles their new homes.

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  1. Martina ScheurerOctober 12, 2010

    Hi Elliot.
    thanks for this link. Great letter! I hope they understand it...


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