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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Daily Photography Gallery for week ending 28 December 2014

In this week's gallery, of the daily photographs I have published on Facebook and Twitter, I've included the final three images of my Ladybird project. I know that last week I said there would be six images but I decided to edit out one so as to end the series this week.

This is the 'Winter Solstice Sunset' from our study window. The neighbours had conveniently switched on the lights on their decorated tree in their conservatory to add to the scene.

This is Ladybird image number 3 of 5. It is showing more of its wings with the right one slightly bent, so not at full extension. Its back shell halves are raised slightly higher than shown in last week's image. In the next photograph even more is revealed.

A bright and cheerful coloured Goldfinch.

Ladybird 4 of 5: Wings and shell protectors fully erect. Not a pose normally seen by the majority of onlookers.

This is a Buzzard I first saw two days earlier than this photograph on the outskirts of Heighington but wasn't able to get a good enough image. I went back this morning and managed to get this one to show you. I had to use the combination of maximum optical (42x) and digital (2x) zoom so the quality is only reasonable. I need to plan to visit again to try to find a spot closer to where it perches for a better shot - photographically speaking.

Ladybird 5 of 5. I don't think there are many people who have seen this aspect of the beetle. Its soft body is exposed: a vulnerable position. You can also see that the exterior colour markings of the shell halves are replicated on the inside as they are translucent. The body is also marked with similar colours.

This is the first Bullfinch I have seen in our garden.

Don't forget you can click on any of the photographs to see a larger image.

© Elliot Sampford


  1. Happy New Year, Elliot. I love these photographs, especially the Winter Solstice and the bullfinch. Our bullfinches have scarlet chests, at least the male does. Is the one in your photograph an English bird or foreign?

    1. Hi Valerie; Thank you for the salutation. I've had a look at some other photographs of the Bullfinch and it seems the males have can have various hues of crimson/orange on their chests. As this one is from Lincolnshire it could be classed as a 'Yellow Belly' so perhaps that is why its plumage is more towards yellow than magenta. Anyway it's more colour co-ordinated with the crab apples. :-)


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