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Monday, 15 December 2014

Photographs for week ending 14 December 2014

Here is another variety of photographs I've published this week through my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

On Saturday 6th December there was a steam engine day trip to Lincoln to coincide with the city's Christmas Market. The locomotive was the Union of South Africa. I managed to get a few reasonable snaps as the train was entering our village of Heighington rail-space. I was caught unawares slightly by its speed: it was really motoring – or should that be training – as you can see by the horizontal steam trail.

In the previous week's gallery I showed you Mr Blackbird in our crab-apple tree: this week to maintain equality of the sexes it is the turn of Mrs Blackbird.

This view was taken during my recent nostalgia visit to my childhood home-town. Folkestone's inner harbour on 21st November 2014; a leaden and dispiriting morning. Can you spot the Martello Tower?

I've been trying to get an image that I believe portrays the concept of the bird and its habitat for the Woodpidgeon – I think this might just do it justice.

For this I like the title of 'Time for Thought'.

Sea-fishing on a grey, damp, misty, windy November morning, at 09:30 hrs. on the exposed Hythe beach. The grey-green sea looks arctic and aggressive. Surely they cannot find it an enjoyable experience?

This is a case of view one get one extra because I can't decide which is the better image. Which do you prefer?

I have shown you Mrs. B and then followed on with Woodie so today here they are together.

© Elliot Sampford

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