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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

My Photographs for week ending 1 February 2015

A second week of only publishing photographs on six days but there are ten images.

A Canada Goose and a Greylag Goose.

I thought I would show you this photograph not because of its technical quality – it was taken straight after a snow shower and the windows were wet – but because I do not think it is usual to see two Robins happy to be this close together; unless linked to a nest site. I had not seen it before so I just grabbed my camera and took the shot, on whatever setting it was on, just in time before one hopped away. I will keep a look out to try and get a better image if two meet up again. Perhaps they were out on a date as the time of year for mating is getting nearer.

It looks like the Blackbird is starting to build a snowman!

Eating while it was snowing on the 29 January. I couldn't decide which one to show you so here are both – the second has some falling snowflake smudges.

A light-hearted, but planned, duo of photographs taken on the 30 January. The moon at 15:37 hrs …

and then, as near as matters, four hours later at 19:34 hrs

 You can see that as it has arched through the sky it has rotated clockwise approximately 15 degrees.

A Moorhen traveling by water…

and by land. They were shot (photographically) four days apart this week.

I thought I would show you a photograph of a Magpie. However, then I remembered the rhyme – one for sorrow, two for mirth – and as some of you may be superstitious here are two.

As an aside you may notice I've used the first two lines of a version of the rhyme attributed to Lincolnshire in 1780 – well that is the location of these images.

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