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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Photographs for week ending 22 February

Here are my photographs for this week. Although I only published on six days this week there are twenty-two images.

On Monday I used this first photograph as a preview, tempter of some of the images I'd taken of Henri squirrel.

Here are four more examples of the photographs I took Monday of Henri squirrel, on the first known visit to the new feed tray on the conifer tree.

Although the focus is slightly out; I've included the picture with the nut in his/her mouth as I find it a comical. In the image of a him/her upright holding onto the tree, with a wistful look in the eyes, I can seen a slight resemblance, ignoring the big bushy tail, of a Koala Bear pose.


You may recall that on 9 February I showed you scenes of the hide that I have installed in my garden. The published photographs above of our squirrel, Henri, were taken from the hide. I will be posting images of a Blue Tit including some when it was on the same tray, as per the example here. I thought you might be interested to see how close they were to my hide viewing window. The distance to the feeder (an unwanted shower soap tray) is just under one metre – actually it's 95.4 centimetres.

View from the hide viewing window.

I'm looking forward to more close encounters with these regulars and other, new visitors. I'll keep you updated.

On Friday I picked some oranges from our tree in the garden to have some freshly squeezed juice. The thought came to me as I drank a glass of the organic, velvet nectar for the title of a still-life photograph: Tree to Glass in Seconds. Here are two of my attempts to portray the theme.

Blue Tit photographs taken during last two weeks.

A juvenile Buzzard possibly practising for take off.

Check to see if flight-path clear; look right, look left, look behind, stretch wing to check it's working and feathers are OK.

You can see one of the feathers is damaged
It didn't fly off but decided to sit for some time. I couldn't stay any longer so missed my chance to photograph its eventual launch.

If you want to see a larger image of any photograph just left-click on it.

© Elloit Sampford

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