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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Don't criticize the Euro Weekly News - It upsets the Editor!

In his article in the Euro Weekly News, edition no. 1288, Costa Blanca Edition, the Editor, Alfredo Bloy, writes in his column 'Word on the Street':
"my attention continues to be drawn to several blog posts and the occasional competing newspaper crticising what I and my team pour our hearts and souls into every day to produce this grand newspaper for you dear reader.

It's getting boring, folks, get a life! "

Now I realise it is almost certainly only co-incidence that I wrote my article in which I called a story in the EWN -  'Utter Tosh', and posted the following tweet,
'@theeuroweekly Have tried to post comment on this article but no success so have posted on my blog '
 but I can always believe; it doesn't do anybody else any harm; that perhaps I am one of the 'Bloggers' that he refers to. I like to think that perhaps he has read my blog as a result of the 'tweet'.

It doesn't matter anyway as I will always exercise my right to criticize any article, in any publication, that I think is a load of 'Utter Tosh'.


  1. I also had a go at this editorial (it appeared in Almería as well):

  2. Thanks for the comment Lenox, I like your article.


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