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Monday, 26 April 2010

Spain's most celebrated bullfighter (torturer) being in intensive care

Many papers are today carrying the story about Torero José Tomás, Spain's most celebrated bullfighter being in intensive care after very bad gored by a fighting bull in the town of Aguascalientes, in Mexico. He was given eight-litres of blood by transfusion after sustaining a life-threatening thigh wound.

He is known for a daring bullfighting style in which he gets particularly close to the bull. He got it wrong this time!

In 2002, at the peak of his career, he suddenly retired without saying why. In 2007 he returned to the bull ring, and told one interviewer 'living without bullfighting is not living'.

I wonder about the mentality of a person who feels his life must evolve around the torturing of an animal.

Whilst I would not wish him to loose his life, (the bulls that he enjoys torturing and killing are not offered such a wish) he only has himself to blame for the injury . How does the saying go 'what goes around comes around' or is it 'Reap what you sow'.

Perhaps this latest incident could make him rethink his attitude to 'Bull Tortuing' but I doubt it!

Here are a couple of the articles:
Spain's most celebrated bullfighter in intensive care after very bad goring - Guardian

Bullfight audience asked to give blood to gored Spanish matador... who needed 17-pint transfusion - Mail

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