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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

What are CLARO´s aims and what are they expecting to achieve?

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that despite sending notification to the editors of the local papers covering Orihuela Costa, of my two recent blog articles referring to the CLARO party and it's 'Save Cala Mosca'campaign: What value does CLARO's 'Save Cala Mosca' petition have Now? & Only 120 out of 28,000 Residents attend 'Save Cala Mosca' Protest, none of them (the editors) were prepared to publish an item criticising the CLARO campaign.

However I now must assume that my writtings were just not good enough (I can live with that) for today in the CoastRider newspaper the following letter has been published, and if the usual happens it will appear in the letters page of the other local papers.

Dear Editor,
Has CLARO really got it “claro”? What are CLARO´s aims and what are they expecting to achieve?
After picking up their flyer last week in La Zenia and reading all the newspaper coverage regarding “Save Cala Mosca” I am quite confused.
Have the 7,000 people who signed the petition been misinformed?
The mentioned piece of land at Cala Mosca is owned by a private person and was purchased years ago – most probably before all of us (ex pats!) arrived.
You and I agree that (not only) this piece of land should remain in its natural state but how would we react if we actually owned the land? I am sure if we are honest the Dollar sign would play a big roll! The whole of Orihuela Costa was a green area before we decided to purchase our “Spanish dream” and live here – did we worry about the environment and concrete jungle when we signed on the bottom line at the notary?
Perhaps instead of signing petitions we should fill in a donation form for the CLARO party to enable them to purchase the land from its owner and rescue it from its fate. Being honest with ourselves we could all do a lot more to save and protect the environment starting on our own doorstep.
Back to CLARO, I am sure their intentions are honourable, but do they really have the know-how and clout to carry out their intentions.
For the last couple of months I have been listening to the political broadcasts on a local radio station each Monday morning, and I always have the feeling that the radio broadcaster has more information than CLARO´s spokesman, Bob Houliston. All the same problems are churned over and over again but no solutions to these problems are offered.
We should all decide for ourselves what is important and we know what we would like to change or improve. Perhaps we should remember this when it comes to voting and vote for a party that actually has the capability to address the problems - our problems - and find a solution to them. I for one will be listening a little more closely to the PSOE party and a councillor called Pedro Mancebo from the CLR party who are very structured and in positions to move things forward instead of going around in circles.
CLARO should take a leaf out of their books and start behaving more like a political party instead of a group of neighbours who are experiencing problems with their community. This might then generate ideas and suggestions which would improve their, and our lives, here in Orihuela Costa.
Kind regards,
Mary La Zenia 

I am looking forward to read the response from CLARO to this letter.

Congratulations to Mary La Zenia, as she achieved what I didn't, but hopefully this will make the leaders of CLARO reappraise their current and future policies and actions if they want to survive as an independent local issue political party in Orihuela Costa.

Mary asked the question 'Have the 7,000 people who signed the petition been misinformed?' to which I would answer - yes - CLARO have mislead the signatories, by generating and perpetuating false hope of a successful outcome for Cala Mosca. Wasting residents time with further pointless demonstrations for unrealistic, un-achievable, goals.

To reiterate points made in my previous articles:
"Beware and tread carefully CLARO - the electorate is no fool";
"It is time I believe for CLARO to close the book on this matter and move on. There is plenty of work for the party to direct their efforts to in other areas that affect the environment and the lives of the residents of Orihuela Costa".

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