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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Dear Mónica - Streetfill sites update 1

Open letter to:

Sra. Mónica Lorente,
La Alcaldesa de Orihuela

Dear Mónica,

Further to my previous salutation on the 10th October, just a quick note to give you a positive update that the 'Streetfill' policy is working better at this stage than the Council could have hoped for. My estimation is that you are probably ahead of your target volumes of rubbish to be stored in the roads.

C/ Baikal

 I mentioned in my previous letter to you of three possible sites for a press conference to promote this policy and here are photos of the three suggested finalists
C/ Tiberides

 My favourite location is still the corner of Calles Ontario and Baikal as the pile of rubbish is now progressing to an acceptable size, although probably still a little smaller than you might consider acceptable. If this is the case just let me know. I believe that I will not have any difficulty, with the help of your admiring supporters in Orihuela Costa, in finding alternative overflowing 'Streetfill' sites.

C/ Ontario
However you can see from the video below that the more environmentally aware public are behind you on this policy and are trying to build this pile as fast as they can for you. It confirms the Council's obvious successful theory that rubbish left lying will attract more of the same. I wish I had thought of this.

As you can see there was a slight traffic congestion problem and I would therefore suggest that perhaps as Orihuela Costa has a surplus of Policia Local, because of your excellent control of their manning levels, that a couple of them could operate a traffic control one way flow system to this site.

I think the additional decision by the council's cleaning contractors  not to empty the grey household food waste rubbish containers for at least 3 days is a stroke of genius. As you can see from the photograph below it not only speeds up the filling of the empty spaces on the street but it also makes it easier for the rats, cats and dogs to scavenge the plastic bags for food. This shows a caring attitude towards animals by your Council.

I hope to keep you up to date with your council's successes on the Coast.

Your enlightened resident and voter.

P.S. I've noted from your many reported Mayoral appearances that you like to stand out from the crowd of your minions, with your choice of distinctive fashions. May I advise you, when carrying out the suggested press conference, not to wear anything green or with an irregular pattern as you will blend in too much with the chosen backdrop pile of rubbish as it will probably have grown to be taller than you.

1 comment:

  1. I am at a loss for words. What is going on? And why do they not clean it up or open a Punta Limpa, we have several and they work very well.
    Looking forward to the next instalment!


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