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Monday, 15 August 2011

CoLJ 10 - Lincoln to Camp Cottage.

Last Saturday our first week in Lincoln was over so it was time to travel to the next holiday cottage.

During the week we had checked out a tenant from one of our rental properties, because he had now purchased his own home. We have given a set of keys of the property to our decorator to repaint both the external and internal painted surfaces. Inside it is the usual silk sheen beige for the walls, white for the ceilings and of course brilliant white for all the wood surfaces, except the wood stained window frames. These are to be re-stained both inside and outside. The sun really does play havoc with the external window sills. We always use the same regular reliable suppliers so a set of keys has been given to the flooring suppliers so they can renew all the floor coverings throughout, once the decorator has completed another masterpiece. A total spruce up, including new curtains and lampshades, which we will sort out during our second week in Lincoln at the end of the month, for the next tenant. It is comforting to be able to rely on regular reliable suppliers to carry out the work whilst we're away from Lincoln.

We also visited our other tenanted rental properties to check for any maintenance that is needed.

We vacated the holiday rental by the required 10:00 hrs. The journey to Camp Cottage, our location this week, was, I'm very pleased to say, as hoped for, with only one slight delay, of no major consequence, on the A46 west of Newark where the road is being upgraded to a dual carriageway. A very much needed improvement. No delays on the A42, M42, M5 and M50. There was a large quantity of traffic but this get moving at a reasonable pace. Having called into a local supermarket for fresh provisions we arrived at Camp Cottage in the region of 16:00hrs. Because of the secluded location of the cottage the owner had emailed a hand drawn map to take over from SatNavratilova when the tarmac roads turned to gravel farm lanes and ultimately a field track. It was a good to have my laptop with me to be able to check with the downloaded map. We would not have found the cottage otherwise.

The ornate gates to the drive to the cottage, peeking through the trees in the centre of the photo.

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