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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

CoLJ 12 - Camp Cottage to Owl Cottage.

On Saturday ( 20th August ) we moved again, this time from Camp Cottage to Owl Cottage at Swinacote Farm, in Thoralby in the Yorkshire Dales.

Owl Cottage - the righthand part of the farm house
 The journey was uneventful and quite boring for the majority of the time being on the M50, M5 & M6 motorways. However everything changed in the final hour from just south of Skipton, Yorkshire, to our new location for the week. We travelled along the B6265 and the B6160 going north through Wharfedale and Bishopdale in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, passing close to Grassington and through the pretty village of Kettlewell and smaller quaint hamlets. The road twisted and turned along the valley bottom and edges, following the course of the riverbeds, climbing to get over the moorland separating the two dales and descending into Bishopdale. At many locations it becomes nothing more than a single track road with a lot of stopping and manoeuvring to pass oncoming traffic. Interesting driving. The scenery through these dales is fabulous, with Natalie constantly commenting on and saying "look at that view", but I declined from looking for the vast majority of the time, instead concentrating on the next twist and climb of the road.

Northern end of Bishopdale

Once we arrived in the village of Thoralby my faithful SatNavratilova couldn't guide me any more, as the final half a mile access track to the cottage is along a public bridleway, which the cottage owners advise “is not suitable for low bottomed or sports type cars”. They are not wrong with that statement but the bumpy, tyre juddering, car swaying last half mile is worth it.

Click here to see the exact location of the farm, shown to the South West of the village centre, and the off road section.

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