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Monday, 15 August 2011

No lunch at Talgarth Mill

Having seen the Talgarth Mill featured in the BBC 1 series 'Village SOS' on the 10th August 2011 Natalie and I decided to visit the mill today (Monday 15th August 2011) with the intention of having lunch in the “Riverside Café serving local seasonal food and drink” and then a tour of the mill.

We would have had lunch, sampling the local produce, except that the Riverside Café is closed on Mondays. During the months of May to September the mill is open daily from 10am to 4pm, according to their publicity leaflet, and we thought, foolishly it turns out, that the café would have been open during these times. Nowhere on the leaflet did it indicate otherwise!

The mill markets itself as a tourist attraction. August is a major tourist month in the United Kingdom. Where is the logic in not having the café open on a Monday when the mill is open? What about bank holidays, is it closed on these days?

We couldn't have lunch in the Riverside Café so we didn't bother to waste any more time or money paying to tour the mill. They not only lost two entrance fees but also payment for two lunches. We were not the only ones to be caught by the closure of the café as we saw other visitors turn and walk away in apparent disappointment.

Having checked the mill's website on our return to our holiday base it is mentioned that the café is closed on Mondays, but how many people have internet access when on holiday to check on details given in publicity leaflets. I only checked after the event because of my annoyance of having our time wasted.

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