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Monday, 10 October 2011

The Two Desperate Women Failed.

“It seems to me that two desperate women, one for more power and one for more money, have made a pact, an alliance” were the opening words of the final sentence of my article entitled Opposition Parties Shocked by Mayor Lorente's New Press Officer Appointment in Orihuela Costa! which I published on this weblog on the 7th December 2010, about the appointment of Louise Clarke as the personal press officer of Monica Lorente.

Ten months have passed and it is interesting to see how the two desperate women have faired with their liaison.

They both failed in their ambitions!

In the local elections in May of this year Monica Lorente failed to be re-elected as Mayor of Orihuela. She was desperate for four more years of power but she and her Partido Popular colleagues failed to get the number of votes necessary to get sufficient Councillors elected to hold a majority in the Council Chamber.

In December 2010 when I discussed with Louise Clarke her new appointment she said “My job is to get Monica Lorente more votes on the coast,..... I will be the voice of the PP within the Town Hall in Orihuela Costa”. It would seem by the election results in May 2011, She failed in her role, as Monica Lorente and the PP lost their power. When Louise left her previous employment with the local 'Round Town Newspaper' it was to benefit from a substantial increase in salary, for more money. As a result of the departure of Monica Lorente from the position of Mayor, Louise lost her very well paid employment as press officer. Her second failure.

Where are they now?

Well Monica Lorente is still a Councillor in Orihuela but leading the Opposition, not the Government.

Louise Clarke has now returned to her old job, presumably with a much lower salary than with the PP, being a reporter with the Round Town News newspaper. In a recent article in the paper she wrote I am a great believer in fate and after having spent the first six months of this year at the Orihuela Costa Town Hall as Press Officer (and unofficial British Residents Officer) it was fate that I would be invited, during my first official week back at RTN, to meet Denise Wesserling, the new Coastal Residents Officer in Orihuela Costa. I am happy that I had the opportunity to experience working at the Town Hall, but I am glad that my ‘sabbatical’ (as I am calling it) is over and that I am back to doing what I do best, where I belong: at RTN”. In December 2010 she didn't feel that she belonged at RTN! She felt that she belonged with Monica Lorente and the PP, and where the substantially increased salary was!

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