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Monday, 31 October 2011

Preparations for our home in the UK.

I said in my article 'Change of LifeJourney – Epilogue' that our plans for our future direction of life were being collated, costed, and converted into a more conclusive basis.

Our summer visit to the United Kingdom confirmed that it would suit us best to have a home there, as well as in Spain, to give the flexibility in lifestyle we need for the future.

In order to have this base we decided to use one of our rental properties, where we had lived prior to moving out to Spain, as the easiest and least costly option. Unfortunately this meant that we had to give notice to our tenant in the property; but you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.

The time is almost upon us to begin the new phase of our life.

The date when the tenant leaves the house has finally been agreed.

Our journey to the UK has been organised. The Channel Tunnel crossing, the route to Calais, and the two hotel stopovers in France have all been arranged.

The refurbishment of our second home has been programmed. The decorators, the kitchen fitters, and the carpet fitters are under starting orders; they're listening for the jangling of the house keys as the starter gun. They know when the race must end!

We have a few days left to make ready our Spanish home for a period of winter hibernation until our anticipated return in the New Year. The closure of 2011 will see our preparation for a new and better 2012 and our ongoing years.

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