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Friday, 21 October 2011

Another attempt to move the refuse bins is thwarted!

This morning at approximately 08:30 hrs. the Council refuse lorry arrived on one of its irregular visits to empty the steel garden rubbish container of its goodies.

The bin is situated on a public road close and to the side to our house, as is the household rubbish bin. Unfortunately the bins have to be somewhere near to houses and the current location is the best of a bad situation. They are not situated directly in front of any properties so there is the least amount of intrusion into householders lives under the current system of refuse collection.

Having said this there is an ongoing problem with the owners of the property who's garden boundary wall is next to the location of the bins. They do not believe the bins should be any where near their property. When one looks at how far their house and the entrance to their property is away from the containers to me their attitude is ridiculous!

I have written previously, includingvideos, about the strange behaviour of the lady of the household and her desire to move all rubbish away from near to her boundary wall to in front of our, and neighbours properties. Unfortunately there is a history between us of disagreement over politics.
This morning we experience another example of the lady's, what I believe is, irrational and vindictive behaviour. Whilst the steel bin was being emptied, the lady of the house, Ulla Perret, was seen talking, over her garden wall, to the council workers as they operated the lorry's skip lifting machinery. It transpires that she was giving them instructions to not return the container to its usual position, near her boundary wall, but to move it to in front of our, and adjacent properties, alongside the small white water meter box on the other side of the road. The logic of placing the bin there is without doubt questionable!

The workers, one has to wonder at their intelligence in this instance, acted on her irrational instructions, orders, commands, and repositioned the skip where she desired. Fortunately I spotted their actions just as they were preparing to drive away and questioned their actions. They confirmed that Ulla Perret had been the instigator of the move.

Having pointed out to them, firmly and politely I hope, my dissatisfaction with the new location and the illogical reason for it they returned the steel garden rubbish container to its more suitable home.

Once again the desire of the Sra Perret to move the bins from near her boundary wall, some seventy five metres from her home, to ten metres in front of our homes has been thwarted. I have no doubt this will not be her final attempt.

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