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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The day I became an Executioner!

On the 40th anniversary of the execution, by firing squad, of Pedro Martínez Expósito, who had been judged guilty of the murder of two women, Vicente Torres describes, in an article in the El Pais newspaper, the day and his feelings when ordered to be a member of the military execution squad.

It is a moving article describing his feelings about his involuntary involvement and the action on the dreadful day. He says of the event "Did something change within us? Were we marked for life because of this? I suppose so; we certainly could not remain indifferent to it........I am neither ashamed nor proud of it, but I am hurt by it”.

He makes the further point of the event during Franco's dictatorship of Spain: "I was not about to help "do justice." If anything, I felt I was going to add yet one more injustice to the list. I have always considered Expósito's execution to be a crime, a public assassination that did not compensate for his crimes. I also thought the execution had a strong political component".

A very moving story about a barbaric act. One cannot ignore the fact that Pedro Martínez Expósito had ended the lives of two people and that justice had to be carried out for this crime. But vengeful and political based retribution is not justice. But that is what one saw from the Fascist, Roman Catholic Church supported, military government of Franco.

Vicente's thoughts can be read here:   The day I became an executioner · ELPAÍ in English

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