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Friday, 26 March 2010

Only 120 out of 28,000 Residents attend 'Save Cala Mosca' Protest

Friday 26th March 2010 saw the presentation of the 'Save Cala Mosca' petition by the CLARO party to the Orihuela Town Hall.

Having posed the question What value does CLARO's 'Save Cala Mosca' petition have Now? I went to Orihuela to see for myself what support there would be by those that signed the petition, and/or residents of Orihuela Costa where the Cala Mosca area of land is situated.

In their press release announcing the presentation of the petition the leaders of CLARO said:
The presentation of the Petition will provide an occasion to underline opposition to this project and to show determination to Save Cala Mosca. CLARO are inviting all those who share their objetives to join with the party in an authorised and peaceful protest on Friday 26th March.

Having asked the question, 'What value does CLARO's 'Save Cala Mosca' petition have Now?'  in my article  and suggesting the answer 'To the residents and to CLARO the answer has to be NONE !' I found no justification for changing my point of view as a result of the presentation and protest in Orihuela.

Let me say that I commend those residents of Orihuela Costa and supporters of CLARO for their loyalty to the party by attending on the day. I suspect that a great many, as was pointed out to me in conversations on the day, did not believe that Cala Mosca will be saved by the petition but were there to support the party.

Whilst I believe that the attendance figure given by CLARO, on their Facebook page,
The presentation of the Petition to Save Cala Mosca was attended by approximately 120 people today.
 is a little optimistic,  it would not seem to support the party's claims of,
We are convinced that this campaign will be widely supported. We believe this is a cause which will attract massive support.
It would seem that of those 7000 persons reported as signing the petition only 17 people out of each 1000 (1.71%) believed it was worth attending on the day. Based on the generally quoted figure of 28,000 residents in Orihuela Costa only 4 people in each 1000 (0.43%) thought it was worth attending to give their support.

Surely this must give the executive committee of the CLARO party some cause for a rethink on their policy of the continuation of the 'Save Cala Mosca' campaign.

The great majority of the residents have spoken by their lack of support at this late date for the campaign. I would suggest that they (residents) realize the battle has been lost and have moved on.

It is time I believe for CLARO to close the book on this matter and move on. There is plenty of work for the party to direct their efforts to in other areas that affect the environment and the lives of the residents of Orihuela Costa.

edited 27.03.2010

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