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Friday, 12 March 2010

The new El Altet (Alicante) Airport will open in February 2011

The announcement was made today by Inmaculada Rodríguez Piñero, the general secretary of infrastructure of the Ministry of Developement that the ministry plans to open the new international airport of El Altet, Alicante, in February 2011.

It will become the "most modern" managed by the Spanish Airports and Air Navigation (AENA, and will have a capacity of about 20 million passengers a year, almost double the current figure.

The investment in the expansion is around 670 million euros and that the area covered by the airport will be six times larger from approximately 54,800 square meters to that of 333,500 sq. mtrs. There will be almost twice as many retail outlets, three times as many fixed embarkation tunnels, and the parking area will double from the current 2,000 parking spaces to 4,200.

Before the opening, in the autumn, all the necessary tests will be carried out to ensure the expanded airport will be operationally ready

The new passenger building, topped by some twenty large domes, will have eight floors with departure and arrival halls, and other airport services.

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