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Monday, 8 March 2010

Bulldozing expats will hurt Spain, Foreign Office minister cautions

Chris Bryant, Minister for Europe, warned Spain on Sunday that knocking down British expatriates’ houses was hurting its economy, and that the country was undermining efforts to create a recovery in its beleaguered housing market.

Speaking yesterday during a visit to south-eastern Spain to meet British expatriates who have been told that their homes will be bulldozed after Spanish authorities declared their construction illegal, he said “The housing market in Spain is not going to recover quickly if pictures of bulldozers knocking down expats’ homes are appearing in British newspapers. Everyone I’ve spoken to in Spain says they want to find a solution but wanting a solution and getting one are two different things.”

He is quoted as saying “Obviously it’s not for the British Government to tell the Spanish what to do. But I’m pushing the message hard at all government levels that I meet here that they have got to put political willpower into these problems, whether it’s an amnesty, whether it’s a change in the law, whatever the solution is that is needed".

Wake up Mr Bryant; the difference between wanting a solution and getting one here in Spain is just a case of haggling over the amount of the back-hander to be paid.

All of us that live here in Spain know that the local, regional and national government in Spain is controlled by curruption. Money is power!

Bulldozing expats will hurt Spain, Foreign Office minister cautions - Telegraph

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