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Sunday, 11 July 2010

How stupid can British Holiday Makers be?

This is a true story, and probably being repeated throughout the Costa Blanca.

A family group of five, two parents and three teenagers/early twenties arrive in Spain mid-morning today.

They arrive at their rented house and see the community swimming pool. - Oh great joy!

First task for the youngest three is presumably to unpack. Second task is to get into their swimwear and head for the pool area.

Mission is accomplished by 13:30 hrs.

Spain currently has a hot weather warning with temperatures in the area anticipated to reach 36 C. The sky is a clear blue with no cloud cover what so ever. The residents in Spain are sensibly keeping out of the sun and in the cool.

But not the intrepid trio. At 15:oo hrs they are still in the pool area sunbathing and swimming. They are immune from the direct heat of the sun, or so they think! I wonder which one will be the most sunburnt tomorrow. Will we see the pink lobster holiday makers, that we see so often, trying to keep their clothes off their roasted skins.

How stupid can British holiday makers be?

P.S. Where were the parents? Indoors out of the extreme heat of the day.

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