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Monday, 5 July 2010

I've cleaned up after other Owners in the past - Not Anymore!

Warning this is a justifiable rant.

Like many communities and urbanisations in Spain ours has a communal post box area. Once again today, like many times before, when I went to check if I had any mail, I found the cupboard full of rubbish. Leaflets, mainly, that had been removed from the individual mail boxes

Why do several of the owners of property within our community, when collecting their mail, when they find unwanted leaflets of various sorts in their private boxes dump them in the post box area, assuming someone else will clear them away?

The obvious answers are  because those owners are too inconsiderate towards others, and too lazy.

They are too lazy to walk 10 yards across the road to the rubbish bin.

Who do they think is going to keep the post box area clean, the post box fairy, or me as the incumbent Community Chairman (El Presidente), who happens to live closest to the mail area? The answer is they don't think as they don't give a dam!

Well I'm not the community cleaner. I've cleaned up after those owners in the past - Not Any more!

Perhaps four years is enough.

I wonder how long it will be before someone complains to me that the post box cupboard is not being kept clean. I know what my response will be.

That's it - calm is restored.

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