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Friday, 16 July 2010

Burglars next door -- No British Holiday Makers!

Deep into the night two of the residents of a Spanish residential community were awoken suddenly by loud banging and furniture moving noises, and voices coming from the next door property. They looked at the clock it was 02:15 hrs., a quarter past 2 in the middle of the night!

Immediate half asleep thought, because the owners life in the United Kingdom, 'there are burglars in the house ransacking the place'. Rather noisy burglars though.

As fully awake thoughts started to function they realised it was the British holiday makers currently renting the house. Behaving as intoxicated, stupid, inconsiderate and ignorant holiday makers do. The residents checked to see if the visitors hire car was parked on the road in front of the house, but it wasn't. They began to wonder if perhaps it is burglars after all. No it is the holiday makers. They recognised the voices of the revelling holiday makers as they shout rather than talk to each other. Probably left the car somewhere as the father had drunk too much to drive. Perhaps not so stupid.

Doors banging, furniture being scrapped on the tiled floors, and then the scream! They, and other residents, know what that means. One of the females in the party has found a cucaracha (cockroach) or two. That was followed by the noise of frantic furniture moving and the multitude of the slamming of shoes on the floor with the many attempts at exterminating of the unwanted visitors (cockroaches not the holiday makers). The evening consumption of alcohol obviously effecting the exterminators aim.

Thirty minutes, forty five minutes and the cacophony continues. By this time the husband has had enough, sleep is out of the question, and he is beginning to think about calling next door to ask the holiday makers to have consideration for others. His 'better half' points out that it may be better to leave it till later as the combination of alcohol and holiday makers can be explosive.

One hour after it started, it's 03:15 by then, peace and quiet was restored. The holiday makers have retired, or 'flaked out'.

Now the residents have to try to get back to sleep, thanks to the moronic attitude and actions of the British holiday makers. The clock shows 03:30, 03:45, still no sleep.

When it was politely pointed out to the family later, when they eventually rose from their induced deep slumbers, that the disturbance they had made during the night was inconsiderate to the resident neighbours, either side of the rental, the matriarch replied, “we're on holiday”.

How many times have residents of communities on the Spanish coast heard that. What it really means is 'we don't give a dam, we'll do what we want, we've rented the house for a holiday so you residents can put up with it'.

A true story that is almost certainly re-enacted here, there, and in every community.

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