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Thursday, 15 July 2010

How Inconsiderate can British Holiday Makers be?

Having already raised the question about the stupidity of some of the British holiday makers I will now add their lack of consideration.

A family have rented a house in Spain for two weeks within a terrace row of residential properties.

They decide to have a barbecue for their evening meal in the front garden because " You've got to have a barbie when you're on holiday". There is no problem with that.

There is a problem however when they decide to place the portable barbecue directly under the front window of the property adjacent to the one they are staying in. No consideration given to the residents living in the property. No thought as to the effect of the smoke and the smell of the cooking on the barbie being blown into the next door property, and the fact that it is adjacent to the building.

The look of amazement on the faces of the holiday makers when asked to move the barbecue away from the building and the window is unbelievable. This starts them thinking. How could these residents be so akward as to object to us cooking our barbie under their window? Where can we put it and besides that it's hot? We're on holiday we shouldn't have to think about things like that!

The answers are; neighbours don't want living rooms stinking of cooking and full of smoke; anywhere else in the front garden not next to the building or under a neighbouring resident's windows.

That's not a too difficult thing for the holiday makers to think about. Had they been considerate in the first place they wouldn't have the problem of moving the barbecue to a sensible location. The problem probably has something to do with the adage about leaving brains at airport.

As an aside: what is the enjoyment of standing in direct sunshine in temperatures in excess of 36 centigrade in front of a very hot smoky barbecue with the end result of burnt  overcooked burgers and sausages and burnt but undercooked chicken?

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