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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Orihuela Costa Residents Indifferent Towards Corruption in Government!

Today at 11:00 hrs. the Mayor of Orihuela, Monica Lorente was in Orihuela Costa to officially open the new sports centre on the coast.

Also today the non-political 'Association for Transparency' held a demonstration in front of the Town Hall in Orihuela at 12:00 hrs. against corruption in the governing Partido Popular party in light of the serious corruption case affecting the Orihuela Town Council and the governing team. The investigation of the 'Operation Brugal' corruption case has resulted in the arrest of three of the PP Councillors in Orihuela and a proposal by the anti-corruption prosecutor to include the Mayor, Monica Lorente within the investigation and possibly the accused. The Spanish press are reporting that 300 or more concerned Orihuela residents attended the demonstration in Orihuela.

The organisers of the main demonstration decided to take the opportunity of the Mayor's visit to the coast to stage an additional earlier show of strength of the residents of Orihuela Costa at the inauguration of the sports centre. The Round Town News reported on the planned demonstration in its current edition of the 26th November based on a press release by the coastal CLARO political party which supported the demonstration.

Although not members of any political party, Mrs S and I had no hesitation in attending the demonstration anticipating, hoping, like the organisers that a large number of residents would show their support against corruption. How wrong we and they were.

As can be seen from the photograph there were only approximately 40 people supporting the demonstration, situated opposite the sports centre being opened by the Mayor at the same time. With the size of  population in the Orihuela Costa area of the municipality being similar to that of the town this is a very poor response compared with that in Orihuela where 8 times as many citizens were prepared to stand up and be counted.

The conclusion from this very low level of support would indicate that Orihuela Costa residents are indifferent towards 'Corruption in Government'! What a sorry state of affairs!

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  1. I Agree with you and with this level of participation, OC will continue to have more buildings,more flooding, less services,...IF we could get 1000 people together and showing our discontent,...I have ben told that not many people are registering to vote. I think people do not understand that it they want to sell their houses, they will be half ofwhat they paid,...due to the poor services,...I am fighting for a library in the coast but afraid that people if there will use it but not pull themselves together to get it.



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