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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Moronic Householder reaches Top Table for Idiots.

Well would you believe it – Yes I Would (echo)– the M.H. is back again. With an even more crass act.

On this occasion M.H. has reached the top table for idiots. No longer wishing to be the proud owner of a glass tabletop, the brain wave, if you'll pardon the assumption that one exists, in the head is to leave the glass top leaning against the rubbish bin. Everyone knows, except for M.H. it seems, that the bin is emptied by the use of a semi automated single manned 'skip' lorry so it (the bin) has to be lifted to be emptied.

As can be seen from the photograph the position where the glass tabletop has been left will result in two major possibilities. The first is that, as has already happened, the bin will not be emptied because the skip lorry driver will not get out of the vehicle, in the middle of the night, and move the tabletop to enable the bin to be lifted. The second is that the driver will ignore the top, when the bin is full and overflowing, as it might be soon, lift the bin and allow the inevitable falling and smashing of the glass on the road. This will then present a danger to the public using the bin or to animals passing by.

There is another possibility, that a vandal will break the glass 'just for fun'!

Now either, the person is too stupid to think of the consequences of where the glass is left, or just doesn't give a damn what happens, after it has been dumped in the street, as it's out of personal sight so out of mind, and someone else can clean up any mess. Either is the action of a Moronic Householder.

Yes I know I'm showing an intolerant attitude towards crass stupidity, and always will, but what if a child or beloved pet is injured by broken glass because of M.H's. action? Who could suffer, it won't be M.H. that's for sure! Who will clean-up after the crash, it won't be M.H. that's for sure!

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