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Thursday, 18 November 2010

In 7 Days Guardia Civil fined 2800 drivers for using a mobile phone.

In Spain, within a seven day period from the 8th to the 14th November the Traffic Division of the Guardia Civil have fined 2800 drivers for using a mobile phone whilst driving during a special campaign to raise awareness amongst motorists of the dangers of carrying out actions whilst driving that distract their attention.

Using a handheld mobile telephone whilst driving is the most common action, prohibited by law, that causes a distraction to a driver but is not a unique. It is estimated that it is a factor that has been present in four out of ten accidents so far this year.

In addition 32 drivers were fined for programming or adjusting GPS satellite navigation units, while driving, another 124 for using headphones and a further 368 drivers for other behaviours that also distract. In the seven days the agents of the Guardia Civil issued 3,316 fines for actions that are a distraction when driving. Mobile phone use remains a common practice among some drivers, as evidenced by the fact that 84 percent of the fines relate to the use of the phone.

A positive point that has been found in the campaign is the increase in the number of device drivers using hands-free systems in the car, which accounted for 25 percent of vehicles stopped. However those drivers continue to use the phone even though, according to various studies, its use is a factor which quadruples the risk of accidents and the risk of the driver when talking on the phone while driving can be comparable to driving excess alcohol.

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