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Monday, 1 November 2010

Carnage on Spanish Highways - 42 deaths in 5 Days

The Halloween and All Saints Day holiday weekend has seen carnage on the roads of Spain with a total 24 people dead.

A spokesman for the Directorate General of Traffic has reported that from 15.00 hrs. on Friday (29th October) up to 20.00 hrs. on Monday (1st November) there have been 22 fatal accidents in which the 24 people have died and another 26 have been injured of which 13 are of a serious nature.

The figures make grim reading with the highest number of deaths (10) on Saturday with almost half of this figure on each of Sunday and Monday. The final death toll could be higher as the figures issued were only up to 20.00 hrs. and many of the holiday return journeys had not been completed.

Add the 18 deaths reported for the previous weekend that means 42 lives have been prematurely terminated on the Spanish roads over two consecutive weekends. That's 42 deaths in 5 days.

What a terrible, unnecessary waste of human life, undoubtedly due to human error and bad driving.

Post Script, 02.11.2010.
The total number of deaths has unfortunately been update to 26 up to 24.00 hrs. on the 1st November. That makes an astonishing total for this year up to 31st October of 1448 road traffic fatalities. Something has got to be done to stop this carnage!
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