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Friday, 4 November 2011

Experts recommend the inclusion of rainwater-collection systems in cities

Researchers from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) in Spain carried out a study into the collection of rainwater from roofs of buildings and the effectiveness of different roof surfaces.

Ramon Farreny, co-author of different projects developed by the UAB, said "It is important to consider the collection of rainwater when planning and designing cities, as this is an alternative water source with many different uses, it can even be used to save drinking water."

In urban areas the use of the roofs of buildings for collection of rainwater has to be the first option. However the pitch of the roof and the surface covering it will determine the efficiency of collection of water and the quality of the water collected. The conclusions of the study are that plain sloping roofs covered with metal or plastic will collect 50% more water than those that are flat and covered in a gravelled surface. It was also found that the quality of the water collected would be better.

Ramon Farreny also went on to explain that: "The inclusion of criteria related to the slope and roughness of roofs in urban planning may be useful in promoting the harvesting of rainwater as an alternative water source. This could also contribute to preventing flooding and water shortages." It is good to see such research being carried out and especially in Spain where water availability is an ongoing problem, environmentally, economically and politically.

Read more on the research in ScienceDaily. Experts recommend the inclusion of rainwater-collection systems in cities

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