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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Satnavratilova Nuvi de Garmin is ready.

Only 4 days to go before we (Natalie and I) start our journey to the UK, to refurbish our new home there, but we haven't started the difficult, and very important for a lady, selection of what clothes to take with us. Of course there are the other necessary items a lady needs to consider; cosmetics, jewellery, perfumes, handbags, and multitudes of shoes that might be worn, or not; in the next few days. As departure day draws nearer the spare bedroom will look more and more like a boutique as the necessary items are displayed.

I mentioned before our regular travel companion on our expeditions, and the only other lady in my life, of course I'm referring to Satnavratilova Nuvi de Garmin. Our travelling days would not be the same if we didn't have her regular interjections of her opinion into our conversations. Sometimes it can be many minutes, even up to an hour, before she utters her thoughts, whilst at other times, especially when I am trying to concentrate on my driving through complicated street systems she never seems to stop to take breath between uttering her many pearls of wisdom. We wouldn't want to be without her though and even turn off the radio or cd player in deference to her greater knowledge than ours.

Now she is much more organised than we are as she has already completed her arrangements for the trip. She is ready, we are not!

Not for her any fashion decisions as she is always in her goth like attire.

She has her priorities right and has been on the computer and used the internet to download the most up-to-date maps, and has even thought to update her mini notepad computer with the latest operating software. She takes pride in being a modern sophisticated lady who uses the latest technology to full advantage in helping her friends.

So as not to get in the way in the final days of Natalie's and my preparations Satnav (our pet name for her) is keeping out of the way, secure in her small, perfectly fashioned, room, safe in the knowledge that we will make sure we do not forget such an important person.


  1. Hola Elliot,
    I am speaking now for myself, but I am sure that I am also expressing the view of a hell of a lot of other people ...who have followed your comments over the years...............
    At least I am going to miss your extremely interresting and also fasinitating comments on your "blog"....
    Your upcoming venture, is a great one...and it reminds me of my earlier (working) times, when we moved from country to country or from continent to continent! What do we take???...what do we throw away?....what do we put into storage?....but whatever we decided, it was most of the time the wrong choice!!
    I am very jalous of you, as you at least got a country to go and my wife...have travelled and worked all over the world (except the S.America's), and we feel more like "cosmopolitans", then being "bound" to a particular country....for me be this Holland or for my dearest...Switzerland!
    We have settled here in Spain, 14 and half years ago, and we believe thjat was the last move we did!
    Our children live all over the Luxembourg, in Holland and the youngest in Chicago!...And with 7 grandchildren (the 8th is coming up)..its difficult to keep up with them!
    Its a pity we never came to meet each other, but if (in this short time you have left), you are still able to manage..please let me know on my private e-mail!!
    If not...I wish you both all the luck and happiness , that we have had...and still have!

  2. Hola Anonymous, Thank you for kind comment about my weblog. Unfortunately I seem to have caused a little confusion amongst my friends. We are not leaving Spain, we are setting up a UK base so that we can spend time in both countries, with the majority of our life in Spain. My intention is to carry on writing as normal and I hope with content that will interest you and my other reader! I think I know who you are, possibly O...


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