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Thursday, 21 October 2010

New political party for foreigners in Spain

The Round Town News this week publishes an article by Louise Clarke entitled  New political party for foreigners about the emergence of the political party Partido de Extranjeros (PDEX). The President of the new party Giulio Adinolfi is reported as saying the party's aims are to represent the rights of foreigners here in Spain.

With the next local elections due on the 22nd May 2011 this seems to be a 'déjà vu' situation of a similar time in 2006, prior to the May 2007 elections. Wasn't that when in Orihuela Costa we saw the emergence of the CLARO political party, which was perceived, rightly or wrongly, by many as a party of foreigners.

The point is made in the article that; 'On past experience, political parties like PDEX have found poor results and the low participation of foreigners at the time of municipal elections means that they very rarely get a seat on any of the councils that they stand for'. The results of the May 2007 local election in Orihuela would validate the point made, with CLARO failing to gain enough votes to obtain a seat on the Council.

The five municipalities that the PDEX are going to field candidates in does not include Orihuela, which in turn includes Orihuela Costa, although next door Torrevieja municipality is mentioned.

Perhaps a conclusion that could be reached is that CLARO has arranged an agreement with PDEX that the two parties don't challenge each other in the Orihuela elections. Or perhaps CLARO is to be amalgamated with PDEX. Or perhaps we could see a coalition election list.

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