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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Dear Mónica - Streetfill sites update 2

Open letter to:

Sra. Mónica Lorente,

La Alcaldesa de Orihuela

Dear Mónica,

As promised I'm keeping you up to date on the success of your 'Streetfill' sites policy.

Unfortunately there is some bad news to report but I will cheer you up with some good and very good news.

The bad news is that, as you can see on the left, someone has stolen some of the rubbish being stored in Calle Tiberiades. You can see how it looked before in my 'Streetfill sites update 1' letter to the right. I haven't been able to investigate this fully but I suspect it may have been an incompetent council worker who failed to carry out your policy instructions correctly and collected the rubbish. I'm sure you can find out who the culprit was and discipline the 'person' (note the political correctness of no gender bias) accordingly.

The good news is that the public are really getting involved in the policy as can be seen from the following videos. In the first you can see that the van with the trailer shown in 'Streetfill sites update 1' returns to help you more by dumping a second trailer full. Not content with the good work of adding to the pile he decides to tidy it up for you using the trailer as a plough. In the second clip you can see that a new 'White van man' or in this case men show their willingness to help your council by dumping two loads of pieces of sawn up palm. It really fills the forgotten space between the existing, proliferating heap and the boundary wall of the adjacent property.

Now for the Very Good News. On your behalf, I'm sorry I didn't ask you first, I decided to test your council system of carrying out your 'Streetfill' policy. I suggested to the Town Hall in Orihuela Costa by email that the pile of rubbish at the corner of Calles Ontario and Baikal might be getting a little larger than you would like. As you can see from the photograph below, taken today, they did not fall for my ploy. The gigantic pile remains intact. The cleaning company has not attempted to clear it. If I may suggest, perhaps the council should consider making an 'ex gratia' loyalty bonus payment to the management of the cleaning contractor.

I will strive to keep you informed of future developments of the larger 'Streetfill' rubbish sites as I become aware of them. Perhaps, after visiting my weblog and reading my letters to you, your fervent United Kingdom expatriate followers in Orihuela Costa will wish to assist me, as a sign of their appreciation of the level of services you and your Council provide to the residents of the coastal area.

Your enlightened resident and voter.

P.S. Don't forget when you visit for your 'Streetfill' press conference that you remember health and safety rules and wear your 'hard hat'. I suggest the white one as it suits you better. It reminds me of a halo.

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