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Sunday, 3 October 2010

I'm annoyed I spelt it anoid.

I wish Facebook, Twitter and such like had a spell checker built in, and I could get the Blogger one to work, then I wouldn't make such howling spelling errors! I'm not dyslexic (spell checked) ..... I'm just rubbish at spelling.

The other day I posted a comment on Facebook and spelt 'annoyed' as 'anoid'.

Now I could say that it was because my typing is poor, or that my brain is working so much faster than my fingers, but neither reason would be true.

I'm not paranoid about it, it's just a factoid that where spelling is concerned my head is devoid of the rules of grammar for correct spellings. I'm not an android with a built in spell checker so what I need is an online facility to avoid further errors. There are a least 312 words that end 'oid' so its an easy mistake to make. Well for me it is.

Why can't all words be spelt phonetically (Spell checked)? It would be so much easier.

However as there is the theory that as long as the first and last letter are correct then the reader will understand what has been written incorrectly...... that lets me off. Its my own form of creative writing.

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  1. Happy to announce that you are not alone in that world - where you have absolutely no medical, or psychological or any modern day explanation as to why your brain does not always engage with your fingers - because I am right here with you.

    Can't spell to safe my life - and when a friend recommend one of those speaking gadgets that types for you (also a very slow one finger typist) - it was unable to understand my accent - does that mean I am doomed? No, I like to think I am unique - so are you!


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