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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Neighbour moves mattress to in front of our home!

Having already written about our neighbour moving rubbish , in this video we can see Mrs Perret, again moving rubbish away from the council bin to in front of my home.

This time it is a mattress that was left beside the bin yesterday afternoon for collection by the council.

A couple of hours latter I noticed that the mattress had seemed to have gone.

However appearances can be deceptive.

It was pointed out to me that a bin scavenger had looked at the mattress, didn't want it, and had for some reason thrown it further into the grass.

This now means that it has in effect become a fly tip.

It cannot now been seen from the road by the council collection vehicle, when it comes around the streets, and so will remain where it is.

Had Mrs Perret left it beside the bin, but no she couldn't because it is near her property, it would have been visible and collected.

Now the mattress will lay where it is to eventually rot away. Unless I or someone else move it so it can be seen and collected.

Back to square one!

Surely if I move it this won't be being petty or bloody minded will it?

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