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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Neighbour moves rubbish from next to Council refuse bin to in front of my house - Why?

Having recently made reference to the rubbish bin scavengers I find myself writing about the subject of rubbish disposal and collection again with a question.

Why did my Mrs Perret, the owner of the property in the picture below, move the garden rubbish from where it was, next to the council's household rubbish collection container, shown in the picture above, to in front of my house?

As can be seen the bin is situated along way from her house, on a public road, in fact it cannot be seen from her property as it is hidden by the boundary wall and fence, which is fully covered by a honeysuckle plant.

Where did she move the rubbish to? Directly in front of my house!

Why did she feel it necessary to move it there? Had she left it where it was it would have been collected by the council in the next few days!

I can't begin to fully understand the logic of her actions. Is there an element of animosity towards myself and Natalie following our resignation from Los Verdes de Orihuela and the references made about Mr and Mrs Perret and this is a retribution action on her part. Surely not after a period of one year!

What ever the reason I belief that her action was petty and bloody-minded. This is not the first time she has moved rubbish away from outside the boundary of her property, to in front of ours, even though she can't see it from inside and it doesn't affect her quality of life, and it won't, I believe, be the last time given the same set of circumstances. Luckily the council's rubbish bin is too heavy for her to move!

Am I going to be petty and bloody-minded and move the rubbish back? No I'm not, I'll let the council cleaning services collect it from where she has put it!

A short video of her at work:

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  1. Martina ScheurerJune 07, 2010

    I cannot imagine that it has to do with Los Verdes (The Green Party) or with you having left the Party a year ago. Especially as Mr. Perret himself did dismiss/was excluded several months ago. But yes it is certainly very amusing.
    Martina Scheurer


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