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Saturday, 26 June 2010

CLARO keeps quiet now about the Neighbourhood Watch !

The 'Summer Edition 2010' of the CLARO party's newsletter dated the 24th June is on its website and presumably has hit the streets by now.

It's not really a newsletter because there isn't any news in it. It is merely a republication, or regurgitation, of the subjects raised in its press releases since 1st March 2010 - with the exception of one!

Of course there is the continual mention of the saga of the 'Save Cala Mosca' petition, which I have already expressed my opinion on.

What is interesting about the non-newsletter is the fact that no mention, or republication, is made of the CLARO press release dated the 9th June 2010 entitled 'Orihuela Costa needs a Politically Independent Neighbourhood Watch'. Surely there was plenty of time to include such an important press release as this.

Or has it been deliberate left out as a direct result of the strong rebuttal by Chris Poole, coordinator for the NW in Orihuela Costa, of the views expressed by Bob Houliston on behalf of CLARO, and public criticism of Mr Houliston's views, in the local media over this matter.

I wonder if there has been dissension amongst the ranks of CLARO over the press release issued by the Chairman of the CLARO party. Especially as the Vice Chairman, Manfred Schwarting,  is a leading light in the Orihuela Costa Neighbourhood Watch. In fact Manfred is responsible for collection and distribution of the crime statistics from the NW area coordinators!

I wonder if there was there any discussion between the Chairman and Vice Chairman, or Executive Committee members, prior to the issuing of the press release. It will be interesting to see if this affects Manfred Schwarting's position in either of the two organisations.

Perhaps CLARO members may be questioning the continuing role of Bob Houliston as Chairman of the party following the press release. Not really the publicity that the party wants.

Having said the above, in fairness to Bob Houliston, I had previously expressed my concerns about the 'political independence' of the Neighbourhood Watch to Chris Poole in April 2007 when I emailed him with the following question.

"Can you please explain to me, following our discussion about Vecinos Colaborando being non-political, why an announcement about a meeting by an organisation which has obvious links with a specific political party, is being sent out under the guise of a Vecinos Colaborando matter?
The email address of the "Presidents of Orihuela Costa" leads to the following website and who do we see Monica Lorente, with a further link to this website
Who are these "Presidents of Orihuela Costa" who Vecinos Colaborando is helping to publicise a meeting?
Is the Vecinos Colaborando organisation non-political or not? If not are you going to circulate details of all political party meetings?"

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