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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

New passports in only 6 working days.

I can't believe it!

Last Wednesday (26th May) Natalie and I sent off our applications for renewal of our passports to the British Consulate in Madrid, because we are currently resident in Spain, expecting to wait several weeks (the Consulate website says to allow 4 weeks) for the new ones.

On checking our credit card account this morning (2nd June)  it showed that the renewal fee had been charged on the 28th May. We thought, that at least confirms that the Consulate had received the applications and old passports and would be getting on with things.

¡Qué Sorpresa! This afternoon we received a telephone call from DHL Courier Service, confirming that they wish to deliver our new passports tomorrow (Thursday 3rd June) afternoon.

Thats only 6 working days from posting to receipt - unbelievable!

If it happens - 'Well done British Consulate in Madrid'

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