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Saturday, 12 June 2010

120 Local Residents Ignore Dumped Mattress

Following on from my article Neighbour moves mattress to in front of our home! I decided not to move the mattress at that time; but to wait as see whether any of the local residents who pass by the spot where it had been dumped by the bin scavenger , would move it or ignore it.

Whilst it was difficult to see it from the road, any person walking along the dirt road in the photograph above to the tarmac road would see the Mattress.

The area is a popular access route for local residents to walk their dogs. In the four day period that the mattress has been lying there, I estimate that it has been seen and passed by a minimum of 120 times by different people at different times. Not one of these sightings have resulted in the mattress being moved onto the road so it could be collected instead of being left to rot.

In truth, I didn't expect any different but I thought I would wait in hope of some act of community spirit !

So this evening I moved it, onto the road side where the neighbour moved it to on Wednesday, in her aim to move it away from the logical place next to the council bin area.

I could have put it back next to the bin to upset the neighbour but that would be petty and bloody minded! Let her think she's had her victory.

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