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Saturday, 12 June 2010

There is too much swearing on Television - And Day to Day Life.

In an article in the Daily Mail today What you REALLY think about swearing on TV: It's offensive and sets a bad example ... are you listening Ofcom? the paper reports on the results of a survey carried out by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the Mail.

In the article reference is made to the views of the 'over 55's' and falling within this age range, I find myself in agreement with views expressed under this catagory of the population.

There is too much swearing on television, but unfortunately this is just symptomatic of modern society and it's use of foul language. The article mentions Gordon Ramsey, Jonathan Ross and Graham Norton as 'celebrities' who have caused a lot of offence with their unnecessary use of swear words. It shows an inadequacy on their part. I choose not to watch programmes in which they appear, or the use of swear words is a predominant factor.

The same applies to day to day conversations, or the written communications, in that I will not converse with socially inept people who cannot talk, or write, to me without the incessant use of crude language. I don't utter it, or write it, to them and I'm not going to listen to, or read it. I'm not a highly educated person but at least I know, I hope, how to communicate with people in a polite manner.

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