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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Using Acronyms or Letter Substitution doesn't make it Polite

Having said that I believe there is too much swearing on television and in day to day life, the same applies to the internet social media facilities such as Twitter, Facebook, and Chat Forums.

However in a lot of cases on the social media the authors of 'postings' believe that by using either an acronym for a phrase, or the substitution of 'x' for a letter within a word, or deliberate mis-spelling by letter reversal, that the vulgarity of a phrase or word is turned into one of politeness. Well for me that doesn't work.

The polite way would be not to use vulgar or crude language in communicating with others in the first place. To me the use of such language shows an inadequacy or inferiority on the part of the user, and does not impress anyone.

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